Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli discovers how to make every day better

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Sarah Geronimo Guidicelli discovers how to make every day better with manulife

Similar to many Filipinos, pop superstar and Manulife brand ambassador Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli found herself worried and anxious, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she discovered that, by taking care of herself, finding opportunities to grow, and focusing on what is most important, she has found ways to make the best of the situation. The time spent at home during community quarantine has also allowed her to adjust to married life, including learning to make the right financial choices that will give her and her loved ones a more secure future.

Dealing with the challenges brought by the pandemic

Just before the pandemic struck, she had just begun a new chapter of her life as a newly married woman. She had also just completed a Valentines concert, and was looking forward to more exciting projects for 2020. However, the pandemic put a pause to many of her plans. She saw herself constantly worrying about the health and safety of her loved ones. She kept playing out different scenarios in her head, which caused her much worry.

Naapektuhan ako ng uncertainty ng panahon, lalo na at may kinakalaban tayo na virus. It was a constant battle in my mind,” Geronimo-Guidicelli said.

However, it was this same concern for her loved ones and her determination to take care of them that gave her the strength to pull herself together. She shared, “Mas maaalagaan mo sila kapag inaalagaan mo din sarili mo.

Learning new skills and finding ways to improve

She found that learning new skills can be an effective way to boost one’s mental and emotional well-being, not just because it distracts her from her fears, but also because it gave her a sense of accomplishment and helped her grow as a person.

Nag-start ako by learning how to bake bread. Noong una, hindi siya okay,” she admitted with a laugh. In fact, when she asked her husband to judge, “niluwa niya po” because it was too hard. But the award-winning singer did not let this discourage her and she kept practicing. “I eventually learned to bake other things, like cakes!” she proudly shared.

She also honed her cooking skills, taking on recipes for her favorite dishes like kare-kare and pinakbet. Even though she has been indulging in food, she still tries her best to make them healthy.

She also tries to be more committed to being physically active. With the influence of her husband, she has taken up running. While she’s not yet running as often as she feels she should, she is committed to do better. “Plano kong gawing regularly ang occasionally!” she said.

Making every day better and facing the future with confidence

Now that she is heading her own household and looking to eventually build her own family, she has also been learning how to better handle money. “Nagpapasalamat ako sa mommy ko dahil tinutulungan niya ako to manage my finances noong nagsisimula pa lang ako sa aking career. Ngayon, I’m happy to be working together with my husband and partners like Manulife to help us with our finances and plan our future as a family.”

Geronimo-Guidicelli shared that she has been putting her hard-earned money into different investment opportunities. Now more than ever, she has also developed a deeper understanding of how insurance protection can help one face the future – and even gain peace of mind in the present. “Dahil ang daming uncertainty, one of the best things you can do is to secure your health and your future by having insurance protection. Mahalaga rin na you are financially prepared para kahit ano ang mangyari, mayroon kang mapapagkuhanan ng suporta.”

She recognizes that people may be at different stages of their own personal journeys. Wherever they may be in life, she hopes her fans and supporters can cultivate self-compassion and take time to appreciate where they are and how much they have grown, “Huwag nating kakalimutan to not be too hard on ourselves. Enjoy the fruits of your labor,” she encouraged. She believes the simple acts of taking care of oneself physically, mentally, and emotionally, devoting time for personal growth, and planning for one’s finances can do a lot in making every day better.

Manulife Philippines organized the media interviews with Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli as part of the launch of HealthFlex, its newest product innovation. Manulife HealthFlex is the first and only life and health insurance product in the market that provides customers the flexibility to select the critical illness plan that’s right for their needs, and allows them to add optional benefits of their choice. 

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