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Sharp Washing Machine 2023

Being excited with a stack of clothes for laundry will surely be the last thing on your wish list. But did you know that washing can be this easy and exciting too? Sharp’s got you covered with its lineup of Fully Automatic Washing Machines that will surely become your reliable home companion with its advanced features and modern style, perfect for all seasons!

Sharp has been in the Philippines for more than 40 years uplifting lives and serving Filipinos. With its local fit product, it continuously innovates with consumers in mind providing them the best and most efficient laundry experience. Being one of the top brands in market share for washing machines in the country, it has also been recognized as the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ for the washing machine category by Reader’s Digest for 11 consecutive years. Sharp offers a wide range of high quality and innovative offerings from its Semi-automatic to top-load products, including its Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

If you are looking for an innovative fully automatic washing machine product in the market, it’s best to look for these important qualities.

Easy and Convenient to Use

Aside from being a convenient partner to the customers with its user friendly features, Sharp’s washing machine is unique with its Low Water Pressure Operation wherein its valve can operate for as low as 0.01 MPa or 1.45 PSI (water pressure) and works well even in areas with low water pressure, providing the best solution to your problem. Additionally, it is also composed of multiple innovative features making it the best and reliable partner in your laundry experience.

One of Sharp’s best Fully Automatic Line-up is its original No Holes Tub ES-S115HP-SL(11.5kg), and ES-S95HP-GY(9.5kg), wherein it is equipped with No Holes Tub Technology that lets you save water by up to 30%, and provides more hygienic laundry and is gentler on clothes providing gentle care even on most delicate fabrics.

Durable and Efficient

With the changing weather conditions, it’s best to have a tough and durable rust free body washing machine. With Sharp’s plastic body and rust proof feature, it makes the product perfect for any season. Plus, it has a stainless tub making it the best option for long time use with its durability. Moreover, Sharp’s durable functionality is also combined with style with its elegant look. These fully auto models include ES-JN105A9(GY) 10.5kg, ES-JN09A9(GY) 9 kg, ES-JN08A9(GY) 8 kg, ES-JN07A9(GY) 7 kg, and ES-JN06A9(GY) 6 kg.

Energy Saving and Innovative

Aside from innovative technologies incorporated in the unit, Sharp also has its Direct Drive inverter Motor feature that lets the customers save more with its energy-saving efficiency. Models with Direct Drive Inverter includes ES-JX105A9(GY)(10.5kg) and ES-JX105A9(BK)(10.5kg). Also, in partnership with Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of the leading consumer goods brands, the model ES-PG750P(7.5kg) was developed, having its very own Ariel Wash Cycle that can deliver superior wash cleaning and stain removal with the use of Ariel detergents.

NEW! Sharp Front Load Washing Machine

One of the newest Fully Auto Line-up releases of Sharp is its Front Load Washing Machine, ES-FLC15BV-DS Front Load Washer(10.5kg), and dryer (7kg) with Plasmacluster Ion Technology. Having this technology, it makes your laundry clean and removes bacteria and odor from items that cannot be washed with water, keeping both your clothes and drums clean. Moreover, what’s great about the new model is that its Brushless Direct-Current Motor(BLDC) Inverter feature helps reduce power consumption and operates more stably and more durable than conventional motors, bringing a quiet space for the family.

New models also include the new Front Load Washer ES-FLW15BV-GY (10.5kg) and ES-FLW85BV-GY (8.5kg). The new Sharp Front Load Washing Machine has a projected capacitive touch panel that prevents accumulation of dirt on the buttons providing a more modern and delicate design. Also, its Mirror Glass Door reflects light, creating an elegant and attractive look for the model. Matched with the Easy to Use feature, it provides a sleek design with its angled glass surfaces and panels that provide clean usability. Plus, its unique drum pattern provides plenty of water flow to ensure high washing mode.

Truly, Sharp elevates your washing experience with its Fully Automatic Line-up. Have a worry-free laundry day with ease, convenience, and style. Sharp continues its commitment to delivering comfort and convenience to every household while also being a reliable partner to every Filipino.

For more updates and information regarding Sharp washing machine, please visit Sharp’s Official Website and Sharp’s official FB Page. You may also visit the leading appliance stores near you.

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