Tips to Track Student Attendance During Online Classes

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Tips to Track Student Attendance During Online Classes

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the virtual class has become more prominent in most institutions. Teachers and students worldwide have become used to online classes as a learning mode. Online classrooms offer many advantages. However, the institutes face some challenges as well as benefits. Likewise, virtual classes face many challenges, including managing attendance. Read on as we share some tips to track students’ attendance during online classes. 

Ask Random Students to Answer Questions During the Lesson

A teacher can determine if a student is present in a lesson by asking questions during the online class. If they reply, they are officially present. If they don’t respond, the educator will know that they are not present in the class.

Throughout the virtual lesson, teachers should ensure that random questions are asked to students. Students will understand that the teacher will ask them questions throughout the virtual lesson.

Take A Short Poll or Quiz After The Online Class

This is one of the best ways to keep track of student attendance in virtual classes. It’s practical and easy to use. The poll or quiz can be sent immediately following class. You should also ensure that all students participate and submit the poll or quiz within a specified deadline.

Each institute can use multiple tools to track attendance. Many e-learning platforms offer this feature, as well as student information software. It will record the timestamps and email ids of students who have answered the quiz.

Before the class begins, prepare the quiz and share it with students after summarizing the class. In addition, the link to the questionnaire/poll can be shared in the chatbox.

Make The Class Interactive

This is one way to increase teacher-student interaction. Instead of relying on one-way communication, engage students in the teaching process. It might be challenging to cover all topics and subjects. This is why it’s best to have discussions at the beginning or end of class. These two ideas will ensure that students participate in online learning and teaching.

Take Manual Attendance

You can also opt for manual attendance. It can be done just as regular classroom attendance. However, it will take a while to attend manually. You can also mark absent students’ roll numbers to speed up the process.

Students can leave the lecture by this point. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to spot students escaping. The student attendance management system is available. It accurately records attendance and makes it easy to manage attendance.

Final Thoughts

The virtual classroom is slowly becoming one of the most preferred forms of education around the globe. However, there are some issues with virtual courses. For example, students can skip classes or skip lessons. Teachers should be able to track attendance to avoid this. They can also ask random students during lessons or take a quiz or test at the end of the class. We hope these tips will help enhance and keep track of students’ attendance during online classes.

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