AirAsia MOVE Encourages Travelers to Book Flights Ahead for the Holidays

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Amid the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) ‘s recent announcement about lower fuel surcharges in July, AirAsia MOVE advises travelers to plan their Christmas holidays and upcoming vacations in advance. 

AirAsia MOVE, a one-stop-shop travel booking app, says the fuel reduction is a timely opportunity for vacationers to enjoy significant savings, especially for those traveling in groups or those who are planning multiple trips.

CAB is lowering the fuel surcharge to level 5 from level 6. This means that the fuel surcharge cost will decrease by up to 800 pesos for international flights.

For domestic travel, the fuel surcharge will be PHP542 on level 5 instead of PHP665 on level 6. 

This reduction, effective from July 1 to 31, 2024, provides a timely opportunity for holiday travelers to take advantage of lower fares for peak seasons as it applies to AirAsia and all other flights from 700 airlines on the AirAsia MOVE app.

Weng Rivera, AirAsia MOVE Philippines Head of Travel, said: “We are thrilled with the government’s decision to lower fuel surcharges, as it aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing affordable travel options for everyone. We encourage everyone to book early and take advantage of the reduced costs, so they can use their savings on other travel expenses or however they wish to use them.”

To make flight purchases even more affordable, AirAsia MOVE is offering discounts in addition to the low fares for all airlines available on the app.

Apart from flight discounts, AirAsia MOVE also offers exciting discounts on hotel bookings.

Travel Hack from AirAsia MOVE

For travelers looking for affordable getaways on top of low fares and discounts, AirAsia MOVE recommends booking domestic flights for September to October, as these are non-peak seasons for air travel. Hence, flights are cheaper compared to other months. Although not necessarily cheap, the ideal time to travel in Asian countries is during the latter half of the “Ber-months” as the weather is usually more favorable during this time.

AirAsia MOVE says booking early is the best way to score cheap flight deals. Prices tend to go up as the travel dates approach. Booking early also provides ample time to plan other aspects of the trip, such as accommodations, transportation, and activities.

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