PascualLab Opens Its Doors for a Sponsored Factory Tour with World Vision

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Pascual Laboratories Inc. (PascualLab), a leading Philippine pharmaceutical company, joined forces with the international humanitarian organization World Vision for an inspiring event on June 4th. Sponsored youth from elementary and high school were invited for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of PascualLab’s manufacturing plant!

An Unforgettable Learning Experience

PascualLab volunteers and sponsors transformed into enthusiastic guides, leading the students on an immersive trip. The tour covered key departments like Quality Assurance, Warehouse, and Production, providing the students with firsthand knowledge of how pharmaceutical products are manufactured with an emphasis on safety and quality. The journey didn’t stop there; they also delved into PascualLab’s rich history of innovation, showcasing the company’s commitment to constant progress.

Words of Encouragement from a Leader

SVP and Chief Manufacturing Officer Higinio “Jun” Porte delivered a motivating welcome speech, encouraging the students to pursue their dreams with passion, regardless of their chosen field, whether within the health industry or beyond.

A Powerful Partnership in Action

World Vision Interim National Director Jun Godornes, through Public Affairs Manager David Rioferio, highlighted the positive impact of the long-standing partnership between the two organizations. Together, they’ve significantly improved the lives of vulnerable children through various programs in health, nutrition, education, child protection, and disaster preparedness.

A Window into the Future

Major Donor Engagement Specialists Monseratt Luna and Christine Penaojas expressed their sincere gratitude to PascualLab. They emphasized the exceptional value of this experience for the children, providing them with a unique perspective on the world of pharmaceuticals and its potential to positively impact lives.

Become a Part of the Change!

Feeling inspired by this initiative? PascualLab and World Vision Philippines encourage you to join the movement! Sponsor a child today and empower their future. Visit World Vision Philippines:

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