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Rex online and modular distance learning

As schools prepare to implement their online and modular distance learning modalities this school year, let REX be your reliable partner for securing the most effective learning materials and platforms that may be used to perform effectively in the new classroom setup.

With traditional face-to-face classes still not an option due to the COVID-19 situation, schools have adapted to different learning delivery modalities to continue classes this school year. To help guide schools on how to properly and effectively operate in this new normal setup, the Department of Education (DepEd) released DepEd Order No. 13, which contains the Readiness Assessment Checklist for Learning Delivery Modalities in the Learning Continuity Plan of Private Schools.

This assessment specifies the requirements and standards needed to ensure that schools undertake adequate preparations for the learning delivery modality that they have chosen for this school year. In support, REX reached out to institutions to provide products and services that are currently under its arsenal to help institutions meet the minimum requirements identified by DepEd.

Schoology as an all-in-one learning platform

For online distance learning, Schoology is the perfect cloud-based learning management system (LMS) to provide an all-encompassing learning solution.

REX has been a partner of Schoology even before the COVID-19 situation. This partnership has enabled many schools to achieve a blended and flipped learning approach in their classrooms, to create a more fun and engaging learning experiences for digital natives.

Schoology can be accessed via any browser on PC and laptops, or on mobile phones and tablets via its app version. As an all-in-one learning platform, it comes packed with features like personalized courses, calendar, messages, dropbox, online tests, integrated apps, groups, and grade book.

Teachers can grade student submissions and have it automatically recorded in the gradebook, provide instant feedback on submitted works, assign work individually or to groups, attach learning materials easily, provide real-time polls and surveys, and create comprehensive assessments easily.

Students, on the other hand, can access all learning materials from the safety of their homes, download materials for individual study, participate in engaging activities, submit assignments and work outputs easily, comment on courses directly, and collaborate with their classmates in a safe and secure environment.

Parents are also involved in the learning of the student since everything will be facilitated inside the home. With Schoology, parents are empowered to guide their children through the “view only” access, which lets them see the courses and activities. Parents also receive periodic email digests that summarizes their child’s activity on the platform.

When it comes to training, the REX Learning Solutions Group works hand-in-hand with the Schoology system administrator that will be assigned by the school. The administrator will be trained by REX to support all technical concerns of teachers and students. REX also provides training programs for all teachers under the REX Academy initiative to help them design lessons, create content, and adapt to the new normal setup.

Currently, REX has a repository of prepared courses and content which can be readily imported into Schoology. These materials include over 800 articles on Science and Math for Grades 7 to 10; performance tasks in Math, Science, and Filipino for grades 7 to 10; and a collection of methodically designed slide presentations, videos, audio materials, digital worksheets, and virtual assignments under the Learning Enhancement Content. This is where Schoology’s Assessment features come in handy, since they allow teachers to create a wide variety of tests and evaluation activities equipped with instant grading features, comments section, and a built-in grade book.

REX and its solutions to effectively conduct Modular Distance Learning

Unlike online distance learning, modular distance learning is a form of individualized instruction where students can use self-learning modules (SLMs) like textbooks, e-books, activity sheets, and study guides. They can either be in print or digital format, which can then be opened using a tablet, computer, laptop, or smartphone.

When it comes to course materials, REX offers a wide variety of worktexts available in print and digital versions. The learning can then be augmented and assessed through the HOMES Guide, a learning companion developed by REX based on Dep-Ed’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs). It aims to provide guidance on the use of REX’s printed and online resources for home-based learning, and is available for all 5 major subject areas for grades 1 to 10, and core subjects and applied track subjects for grades 11 and 12.

The HOMES Guide is especially designed to enable the parent to support and monitor the student’s performance; empower the learner to develop reasoning, resilience, and responsibility; and help the teachers drive the learning outcomes.

REX also launched the Learning Pathways app, a competency-based, mastery learning mobile application that helps students achieve mastery of essential learning competencies and skills. It aims to assist teachers in facilitating these learning experiences so students can progress in their own pace.

The Learning Pathways app combines the technology and features of effective learning to make home-based learning interactive, accessible, stress-free, personalized, and capable of timely feedback. The app can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices, and is compatible with purchased REX Worktexts for Grades 4-10 in Science, Math, English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan.

To learn more about Schoology and request a demo, visit or contact [email protected].

To learn more about REX worktexts and the HOMES guide, visit to get exclusive access to a HOMES Guide sampler or contact [email protected] for more information.

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