Weekend getaways made more unforgettable with the vivo Y21T

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Weekend getaways made more unforgettable with the vivo Y21T scaled

Quick weekend getaways are great for people who can’t miss a school day or take a leave at work. There are several spots relatively near the Metro that they can drive to so they can relax after a long week.

Before leaving home, one shouldn’t forget their summer essentials, like sunscreen, money for pasalubong, and their vivo Y21T smartphone to take fun photos with.

For those planning a trip, here are some destinations worth considering:


Weekend getaways made more unforgettable with the vivo Y21T - tagaytay
Photo from Balay Dako’s Facebook page

This is a classic travel choice as it’s only a couple hours away from Metro Manila, and the weather is colder compared to the city. Of course, one can’t go to Tagaytay without checking out the beautiful Taal Volcano while enjoying a warm bowl of bulalo. Take a photo of the volcano with the Y21T’s 50MP Camera Pano to capture the entire view of the lake and the clear blue skies.


For those looking for beach destinations without flying, Batangas is always a great choice with its wonderful coves. At night, they can go stargazing and take clear photos of the night sky with their phone camera’s night mode. The Y21T’s Pro feature also allows users to edit photos to make them look more detailed.


Weekend getaways made more unforgettable with the vivo Y21T - Antipolo
Photo from Pinto Art Museum’s Facebook page

The province of Rizal is rich with museums and Instagram-worthy cafes in Tanay and Antipolo. One can take a day trip to experience these sites, and maybe even go shopping at the local ukay-ukay. With Rizal being an art-savvy destination, travelers can take equally creative shots, like using the live photo feature and slow motion, to preserve the memory.


Known for its lakes, hot springs and pool resorts, Laguna is a popular summer destination among families and barkadas. This is the perfect time to take a bunch of photos to remember the outing. Take a selfie with loved ones by the lake or hot spring with the Y21T’s Front Camera to treasure the moment. The vivo Y21T is also powered by Snapdragon 680 and 5000mAh battery life to make sure you capture all these moments with loved ones!


Weekend getaways made more unforgettable with the vivo Y21T - subic
Photo from Inflatable Island’s Facebook page

Whether it’s having a whimsical time at the Inflatable Island or watching dolphins at the Ocean Adventure Park, travelers will surely have a grand time at Subic. They can relive the unforgettable moments at these vacation spots with videos taken with the Y21T.

With the summer season officially starting, this is the perfect time to plan that much-needed weekend trip to reinvigorate before going back to work. Likewise, they can test out the Y21T’s camera features while vacationing. They can also play mobile games in between as it’s turbocharged to make gameplays better.

Find out more about the vivo Y21T’s cameras and gaming capabilities by visiting https://www.vivoglobal.ph/. For more updates, follow vivo Philippines’ official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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