Review: JOYROOM D-QP181 10,000 mAh POWERBANK

By Sylvester Sy
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Joyroom D QP181 Fast Charge PowerBank 01

If you are looking for a powerbank that is safe to use and has the capability to fast-charge then look no further!

Joyroom D-QP181 Fast-Charge PowerBank
Joyroom D-QP181 Fast-Charge PowerBank

The JOYROOM D-QP181 is said to be one of the “safest” powerbanks in the market right now. It features fast-charging technology and comes with fireproof casing material (Fire Rating VO) in a black colorway and a fire-resistant ceramic diaphragm cell with 10,000mAh battery capacity. According to Joyroom, it can last upto 600 battery cycles or 3 times the lifespan of average powerbanks.

Joyroom D-QP181 Ceramic Diaphragm Cell
Joyroom D-QP181 Ceramic Diaphragm Cell

The Joyroom D-QP181 also features a two-way 18 watts Power Delivery fast-charging tech that is also compatible with Apple’s fast-charging solution. It can charge 3 devices simultaneously as it has a 2x USB-A and 1x USB-C ports. It also has a 4-LED indicator and built-in protection from overcharging as well.

Joyroom D-QP181 Fast-Charge PowerBank


  • Two-way 18 Watts Power Delivery fast charging (compatible with Apple fast charging)
  • Fire-resistant with ceramic diaphragm cell
  • Fire Rating VO, Fireproof casing material
  • 600 battery cycles, 3 times the lifespan of a normal powerbank
  • Charge three devices simultaneously
  • With LED lights that show battery power
  • Built-in protection from overcharging
  • Can charge three devices simultaneously
  • Weigh: 195g
  • SRP: PHP 1,990 
  • Promo Price: PHP 1,490 
  • Available Colors: Black

Price and availability

The Joyroom D-QP181 10,000 mAh Powerbank is now available at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box stores nationwide. It has an SRP of PHP 1,990, but it has an ongoing promo for only PHP 1,490. You can also purchase online via the Official Joyroom Shopee Store.

Joyroom D-QP181 Promo
Get the new Joyroom D-QP181 10,000 mAh powerbank now for only Php 1,490

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