Philips Evnia Monitor PH and Vespa Motoitalia Team Up for “Ride Fast, Play Fast” Promo

Philips Evnia Monitor PH and Vespa Motoitalia together rewards fans with Ride Fast, Play Fast promo.

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Philips Monitor Philippines, in partnership with Vespa Motoitalia, aim to deliver to its fans and customers their latest promotion – Ride Fast, Play Fast. Buyers who purchase select Philips Monitor models from participating stores and outlets can win premium prizes, including Philips LCD monitors or the grand prize–  their very own Vespa S125CC scooter.

Connecting through a shared European heritage, as Philips Monitor hails from The Netherlands and Vespa from Italy, Filipino customers may experience the excellent quality of European products through this promotion. With this, they are given a chance to bring home not only a brand new cinematic entertainment experience with Philips Monitor, but also a chance of bringing home a scooter for luxurious travel care of Vespa as well. 

Philips Evnia Monitor PH and Vespa Motoitalia Team Up for Ride Fast Play Fast Promo

Both Philips Monitor and Vespa Motoitalia share a commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible in their respective industries. They embody innovation, quality, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making them standout choices for those who seek the best in their gaming and commuting experiences. This results in Philips Monitor’s cutting-edge technology that has high refresh rates and consistent, high-performance displays, and in Vespa Motoitalia’s stylish and reliable vehicles either for daily use or for high-speed travel.

Running from May 15, 2024 to July 15, 2024, customers can join the promo for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

1 winner of Vespa S125CC scooterGrand Prize
10 winners of 21.5” Philips Monitor 221V8LBConsolation Prize
5 winners of 23.8” Philips Monitor 241V8BConsolation Prize
3 winners of 27” Philips Monitor 271V8BConsolation Prize

Customers can earn raffle entries by purchasing the following models of Philips Monitor:

221V8LB₱                  4,0001 RAFFLE ENTRY
24E1N1100D₱                  4,7901 RAFFLE ENTRY
241V8B₱                  5,0101 RAFFLE ENTRY
271V8B₱                  6,3801 RAFFLE ENTRY
27E2N1100₱                  6,5301 RAFFLE ENTRY
242E1GAEZ₱                  7,0301 RAFFLE ENTRY
27E1N1510₱                  8,7101 RAFFLE ENTRY
24M1N3200Z₱                  8,8501 RAFFLE ENTRY
245E1S₱                  9,6401 RAFFLE ENTRY
16B1P3302D₱                10,3002 RAFFLE ENTRIES
27M1N3200Z₱                11,0902 RAFFLE ENTRIES
275E1S₱                11,1702 RAFFLE ENTRIES
27E1N1800A₱                11,9002 RAFFLE ENTRIES
32E1N1800LA₱                13,0502 RAFFLE ENTRIES
27E1N1900AE₱                14,0002 RAFFLE ENTRIES
27M1N5200P₱                17,8002 RAFFLE ENTRIES
346E2CUAE₱                22,6003 RAFFLE ENTRIES
438P1₱                26,7303 RAFFLE ENTRIES
27E2F7901₱                31,8604 RAFFLE ENTRIES
27E2F7903₱                36,2104 RAFFLE ENTRIES
34M2C6500₱                50,7307 RAFFLE ENTRIES
49M2C8900L₱                65,21010 RAFFLE ENTRIES

Purchases made from Philips Monitor through its official Lazada and Shopee stores, as well as purchases made from participating stores, will award the above mentioned raffle entries to customers. Here’s the list of the participating stores nationwide.

Digi-Serv Solutions
Dynaquest PC
PC Express
PC Hub
PC Worx
Computer World Marketing
Hypertech Computers
Interpace Computer
Joyo Marketing
MF Computer
Nutech Marketing
PC Quickbuys
Thinking Tools Inc.

Customers who made their purchases need to register through the QR Code found at the start of this press release or by manually registering their purchase through this link Customers are advised to keep their receipts as proof of purchase of their monitors and as verification of their raffle entries. Customers will be able to register until July 30, 2024 at 11:59 PM, and will receive an email confirmation within 2 business days of their raffle entry.

Philips Evnia Monitor PH and Vespa Motoitalia Team Up for Ride Fast Play Fast Promo

All qualified entries will be collated and electronically raffled on August 13, 2024, with the winners notified via call, text, or email after the draw based on the information, they provided in the registration form.

The Grand Prize for the Ride Fast, Play Fast Promotion is transferable but not convertible to cash. The winner shall be responsible for informing Philips Monitor Philippines and Vespa Motoitalia about the new recipient’s details.

The Ride Fast, Play Fast Promotion is open to all current residents of the Republic of the Philippines.

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